Our Service/Travel charge is $50 to get to your location if less than 40 miles away. After 40 miles add $1.25 per mile one way, plus taxes for your area.

Our hourly labor rate is $65 / Hr. with a 1 hour minimum,
plus taxes for your area.

Parts and materials are extra.

On some parts we use flat pricing for the job.

On full installs or unit replacments, we'll quote the job in advance.

Minimum Charge

Our minimum charge is $115 plus tax. The SC/Travel is $50 and the minimum charge of 1 Hour labor is $65.

If Refrigerant (Freon) is needed and put in, there is a 1lb minimum charge.

Refrigerant (Freon) Costs

One concern we hear a lot about is R22 prices.

R22 is rising due to the production being phased out in 2020 causing the prices to rise rapidly. Alternative refrigerants are available at a fraction of the price if needed. We try to stay competitive and below our competitors price.

Some techs in Arkansas are charging from $100/LB and more for R22 as early as 2013 and with the phasing out of R22, it's going to get higher.
Some charge the serivce call fee and then after figuring out the problem tell you what the extra labor and fees will be.

For now, we are charging $40/lb for 410A and 407C and $55/lb for R22 with 1lb minimum charge to cover refrigerant costs, handeling, equipment costs, regulations, insurance and overhead. (Updated 9-1-17)

Our 1 hour labor is built into our pricing of $115 for the service call and up to 1 hour labor within 40 miles which is the average for repairs. If the repair takes longer than that, the additional labor is pro-rated at $65/hr. Parts and supplies are extra depending on what is needed for your repair.

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